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Post-shipping communication sits at the center of your post-purchase marketing strategy that not only ensures repeat sales and customer satisfaction but also cements a long-lasting customer relationship.

AfterShip Tracking’s native integration with automates post-sale review generation once the order status is changed to Delivered in AfterShip. Asking customers for their valuable feedback when they are still riding the initial excitement of their newly delivered product is the best way to collect a positive response and this integration hits home.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Data sync from AfterShip to
Get webhook URL from
Set up the AfterShip Webhook URL
Change NPS emails trigger frequency

What data syncs from AfterShip to

Customer order ID
Shipment tracking code
Delivered shipping event

Get the webhook URL from

Go to the settings > Apps > AfterShip

Copy the webhook URL from the Instructions section.

Set up the AfterShip Webhook URL

Go to AfterShip Notifications > Webhooks
Click on Add webhook URL.

Paste the Webhook URL you copied from here and click Save.

Move to the Events section > Select the All status updates checkbox to send the Delivered shipping event from AfterShip to

How can you change the trigger frequency of NPS emails?

The AfterShip integration updates the review request email of the relevant order in the queue that will be triggered 1 day once the order is marked “Delivered”. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) email on the other hand will be triggered 3 days after the order delivery.

To change this interval all you have to do is add ?interval=x to the tail end of the webhook URL where,

X = number of days after the status of the order has been updated to "delivered" you would like the email to be sent out.

For e.g.,

Here, the above webhook will trigger review request emails 5 days after the order status is marked delivered, and 7 days for the NPS emails.

To know more about the integration visit

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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