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Connect Yotpo SMS With AfterShip Tracking


This tutorial will help you set up Yotpo SMS integration with AfterShip Tracking to provide your customers with real-time updates about their shipment status via text messages to build trust and customer satisfaction.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

About Yotpo SMS
Why you should set up Yotpo SMS
Configure Yotpo SMS in AfterShip Tracking
AfterShip Tracking metrics
Shipment Shortcodes
Set up SMS flows in Yotpo

About Yotpo SMS

Yotpo SMS is a text message marketing solution that allows you to engage with your customers via SMS. With Yotpo SMS, you can send personalized and targeted text messages to your customers to promote your products, announce sales and discounts, communicate tracking information, and gather feedback. Yotpo SMS integrates with your eCommerce platform, allowing you to automate your text message campaigns and track their shipping performance.

Why you should set up Yotpo SMS

AfterShip Tracking is a shipment tracking software that allows customers to track their package deliveries on a centralized dashboard. By integrating AfterShip Tracking with Yotpo SMS, you can provide your customers with real-time updates about their shipment status via text messages. This can help increase customer satisfaction and reduce the amount of time your support team spends answering shipment-related inquiries.

Configure Yotpo SMS in AfterShip Tracking

Your Yotpo SMS integration involves multiple steps. We will walk you through each one of them in more detail below.

Go to the Yotpo Integration page, and click Install app

Log in to your AfterShip Tracking account if you are not there already
Select the appropriate organization if you have multiple organizations configured in your AfterShip Tracking account, and then click Connect

On the OAuth confirmation page, Click Next , and then Connect

When you've completed the aforementioned steps, you can find your Yotpo connection in the Apps section of your AfterShip Tracking Admin

You are all set to start using your Yotpo SMS integration.

To avoid sending duplicate SMS notifications to customers, disable AfterShip Tracking SMS notifications if you are using Yotpo SMS

AfterShip Tracking metrics

AfterShip and Yotpo integration supports the following events as triggers in Yotpo to set up new SMS workflows.

- In transit
- Out for delivery
- Failed Attempt
- Delivered
- Available for Pickup
- Exception
- Expired
- Pending
- Info Received

Shipment Shortcodes

All the events are exported with the following data as Shortcodes in Yotpo SMS flows.

Tracking SlugCourier Slug“dhl”
Tracking NumberTracking Number“9333993434”
Tracking TitleBy default, this field shows the Tracking Number, but you can customize it as you wish with any info when you import the shipment (e.g. the order number).“#343433”
Tracking NoteA note accompanying your shipment details when you import to AfterShip Tracking admin“just a note”
Tracking Latest SubstatusCurrent tracking substatus of the shipment“Delivered_002”
Tracking Latest StatusCurrent tracking status of the shipment“Delivered”
Tracking Latest Substatus MessageStandardized tracking message with relevant shipment information“Picked up by customer”
Tracking URLThe URL for the buyer to track the package. It can be Branded Tracking Page or AfterShip Public Tracking Page.“
Tracking EDDThe shipment’s original estimated delivery date. It could be provided by the carrier, AfterShip AI, or based on your custom settings.“2020-01-02”
“2020-01-02 00:00”
Tracking Pickup LocationShipment pickup location for the package receiver“13th Street, New York, NY 10011, USA, United States"

You can use the triggers and shortcodes to build customized SMS notifications.

Let's walk through an example of how to create a new flow in the Yotpo SMS dashboard in detail.

Set up SMS flows in Yotpo

Go to the Yotpo SMS dashboard > Flows and Automations > Flows

Go to Create flow from scratch
Select the relevant AfterShip flow trigger based on the tracking event you are looking for

Choose SMS/MMS Message as an action when the previous conditions are met

This means SMS/MMS message will be sent as an outcome once the Trigger, i.e., shipment status, is updated to Shipment pending in AfterShip Tracking

Click on SMS/MMS Message. A Text message window will open
Select Shortcodes below the text message box to open the list of available events transported to Yotpo via AfterShip Tracking
Create the text message with the help of shortcodes. In place of these shortcodes, customer, order, and tracking data will be auto-populated with relevant information

Click Save and give this new flow a name

Your Yotpo flow is all set up and running. Your customer will receive an SMS notification when the shipment updates to that particular event in AfterShip Tracking.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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