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Display Product Recommendations on the Branded Tracking Page

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AfterShip branded tracking page is a powerful asset that enables seamless tracking of shipments. You can personalize the branded tracking page to promote your brand and engage shoppers post-sales. With AfterShip, you can show AI recommendations on your branded tracking page display. You can even show product recommendations from Nosto to generate additional revenue.

What you'll learn

Enable AfterShip's product recommendation
Select Recommendation type
Customize recommendation content
Enable Nosto product recommendation

Enable AfterShip's product recommendation

Select your branded tracking page on which you want to show product recommendation
Click Actions > Edit from the dropdown menu

Select Product recommendations > Recommendation engine
Once done, select the store. If you have connected multiple stores with AfterShip, choose the one for which you want to show product recommendations.

Select Recommendation type

Product settings: Choose the recommendation type in the Product recommendation settings. Available recommendation types are: AI-powered recommendations, Product collection, Manual selection, and Based on product condition.

Manual selection: It means you have to select products manually that you want to recommend to recipients.

Product collection: It involves selecting a particular collection that you've created for your store and recommending the products it contains. By default, we consider the home page collection, so change it if you want to recommend the products of any other collection.

Based on product condition: Under this, you can set a condition based on the product tag and category that you’ve set on your store.

As far as AI recommendations are concerned, we will recommend products based on our AI algorithms. You can decide whether you want to recommend your top-selling products, recently viewed products, or frequently purchased ones.

Recently viewed option will appear only if you are using a custom domain for your branded tracking page.

Here's how our algorithm works:

Best sellersRecently viewedFrequently bought together
We consider the order history of the last 30 days to identify your top-selling products and rank them as per their sale amount.We consider the visitor’s product browsing history of the last 60 days and rank items as per their last visiting time.We display complementary products that shoppers have purchased with the main product. We consider the order history of the last 30 days and rank products by their co-occurrence in orders.

Select the Recommendation type and click Save to let product recommendations come into effect

Customize recommendation content

Give your recommendation section a suitable Title
Select the size of the product images from small, medium, and large options by clicking Image radius.
Select the Number of products you want to show on the page

Click checkboxes under the Display option as per your choice, e.g., Show product name, Show product price, Show compare at price, Show buy button.

Merchants can edit the content under Show buy now button

Enable Nosto product recommendation

You must include your tracking page URL in the whitelist of Nosto to enable product recommendations successfully. In case you skip this step, Nosto won't show product recommendations on your branded tracking page.

Locate Nosto account ID

Go to Nosto > Settings > Account Settings > Enable Recommendations > Copy Account ID

Locate Nosto recommendation ID

Go to Nosto > On-site > Recommendation > Create New Recommendation > Enter title
Select Page Type as Other > Select Recommendation Type as Order Related > Add/remove products
Save changes > Copy recommendation ID (mentioned at the bottom of the page)

Enable Nosto recommendations in AfterShip

Go to branded tracking page > Customize > Product recommendation > Enable Nosto > Paste Account and Recommendation ID > Save theme

Supported Plans

Product recommendations are available for users on Pro, Premium, and Enterprise plans. However, some of the AI-powered recommendation types, such as Best sellers, Frequently bought together, and Recently viewed are available on Premium and Enterprise Advanced plans respectively.

Supported Platforms

EngineRecommendation typeShopifyOther eCommerce platformsCommerce APIOrder CSVTracking APITracking CSV
AfterShipBest seller - AIYesYesYesNoNoNo
AfterShipFrequently bought together - AIYesYesYesNoNoNo
AfterShipRecently view - AIYesNoNoNoNoNo
AfterShipProduct collectionYesNoNoNoNoNo
AfterShipManual selectionYesYesYesNoNoNo
AfterShipBased on product conditionYesYes-YesNoNo
AfterShip Personalization-YesNoNoNoNoNo

Supported platforms based on Product-condition

Product ConditionSupported Platform
Product tagsShopify, Magento-1, WooCommerce-Official, WooCommerce-AfterShip-v3, Wix, Walmart-US, Squarespace, Shopline, Shoplazza, Salesforce, PrestaShop-Decathlon, BigCommerce, Amazon, Shopware 6, Cafe24
Product categoryShopify, Magento-1, Magento-2, WooCommerce-Official, WooCommerce-AfterShip-v3, Wix, Walmart-US, Squarespace, Shopline, Salesforce, PrestaShop-Decathlon, NetSuite, Fluent Commerce, BigCommerce, Amazon Seller Central, Amazon, 3dcart, TikTok Shop, Shopware 6, Commercetools, Linnworks, Cafe24

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Updated on: 01/02/2024

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