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Duplicate Branded Tracking Page to Another Organization

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AfterShip Tracking allows you to duplicate your branded tracking page template from one organization to another organization. It streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need to recreate tracking page templates from scratch for different organizations. This will not only save your valuable time and effort but also ensures consistency in your branding across various entities or business units.

Steps to duplicate Branded Tracking page to another organization

Log into your AfterShip Tracking admin dashboard
Go to Tracking pages > Page variations
Select the tracking page that you want to duplicate to other organization
Click Actions > Duplicate to another org

Enter the name that you want to give to the tracking page under Duplicate tracking page name
Select the destination organization where you want to copy the tracking page from the dropdown

Please note that the dropdown will display all the destination organizations except the origin organization.

Once done, click Duplicate
Click Edit duplicated page, switch to the destination org, and check the duplicated template you just created

In case you need any further assistance, please contact our support team.

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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