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Guide to Setup DHL Account Specific Connection at AfterShip Tracking

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Currently, brands prefer to get updates on their shipments via account-specific slug because they get higher rate limits for a smooth experience.

To track shipments seamlessly, DHL account holders can use dhl-api slug after establishing a connection with AfterShip. Also, apply for a higher rate limit if they are not satisfied with the current one (250 calls per day). Here’s how the whole process works:

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we will introduce:

Acquire the DHL API key
Add DHL API connection in AfterShip Tracking
Upgrade rate limit

Acquire the DHL API key

Click on this link and enter your login credentials
Navigate to the My Apps section and click on it. Hit the + Create App button
Provide the required details in the vacant fields and choose the Shipment Tracking -Unified option from the dropdown menu of the SELECT APIS section

Hit + under Add to app
Tap on the Create App button to finish the procedure
Your app is created with a rate limit of 250 requests per day.

Click on your created app to copy the API key for establishing a connection with AfterShip

Add DHL API connection in AfterShip Tracking

Log in to your AfterShip account
Go to Settings and select Carriers
Switch to Require carrier connections. Click on DHL Express and then select dhp-api

Hit the Connect button and paste the copied API key to establish a connection with AfterShip

Let's check how you can get higher rate limit for smooth shipment tracking.

Upgrade rate limit

Go to the My Apps section again and click on your app
You’ll see a page with the option of Upgrade rate Limit which you need to click

You’ll land on the upgrade request form that you must fill up

To figure out how much rate limit your DHL account should be having, use this formula:

✓ Daily shipment count: Enter your daily DHL shipment account. We suggest mentioning the highest shipment count that you’ve ever had with DHL
✓ 5 is for the average shipment active state of DHL (from booking until delivered)
✓ 24/6 is for 6 hrs crawling frequency in 24 hr (4 times a day)

While filling out the form, click on the checkbox given for Send yourself a copy so that no confusion takes place with DHL regarding the rate limit
Hit the Send message button. You are likely to receive an email from DHL about needing a few additional details or confirming the new rate limit, so reply accordingly

You’ve got a higher rate limit for better tracking experience with AfterShip.

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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