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How to Add the “Track Order With AfterShip” Button to the Shopify Order Confirmation Page

Keeping a tab over orders is important for shoppers, especially when they want to give a gift to their loved ones or when there’s an urgency.

AfterShip facilitates order tracking to let shoppers have a pleasant post-purchase experience. You can even add the order tracking button on the order confirmation page. Here are the steps:

➡️ Steps to insert the “Track order with AfterShip” button

Go to your Shopify store’s Settings > Look for the Checkout option

Scroll down to Customer contact method

Uncheck "Show a link to download the Shop app"

Click Save to let your changes come into effect

➡️ Turn on the button on AfterShip

Log in to your AfterShip account

Go to Tracking app and turn on the toggle button

For any help, connect with our chat support team :)

Updated on: 12/10/2022

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