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Klaviyo Integration: Integrate AfterShip With Klaviyo

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The AfterShip & Klaviyo Integration offers robust capabilities to trigger personalized notifications based on order or shipment status. This guide provides detailed steps to seamlessly connect your Klaviyo account with AfterShip, ensuring effective communication between the two platforms.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss

How to connect your Klaviyo account
How to validate your Klaviyo connections

How to connect your Klaviyo account

To connect your Klaviyo account with AfterShip:
Navigate to the AfterShip Apps page
Search for Klaviyo and click on the Install app button

Click Allow to grant AfterShip access to your account’s information

Select an AfterShip organization to connect with your Klaviyo account
Choose a store if you have linked an eCommerce platform store under your Klaviyo account

Note: Ensure that your Klaviyo and AfterShip accounts are connected to the same store. If multiple stores are connected to the AfterShip organization, connect each store to a Klaviyo connection to ensure tracking updates go to the correct Klaviyo account.

You will be directed to the Klaviyo page > Click Allow to authorize AfterShip to connect with your Klaviyo account

How to validate your Klaviyo connections

To ensure your AfterShip integration is sending data to your Klaviyo account, you can review our metric data in the Analytics or Customer Profile sections of Klaviyo

From your Klaviyo dashboard, click the Metrics tab on the left-hand side menu
Look for AfterShip metrics, e.g., AfterShip: Delivery updates - In transit
If these metrics are not listed, your integration may not be functioning correctly

Click the Activity Feed button to view the events the integration is sending
If no customers appear in the Activity Feed, your AfterShip integration may have issues
If customers appear, click Show Details
A window should appear populated with the data AfterShip is sending to your Klaviyo account, confirming a successful integration

If you have any queries regarding the integration, feel free to connect with our support team for quick assistance.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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