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Learn About the AfterShip Track Button

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Easily enhance your store's tracking capabilities with the AfterShip track button, providing shoppers with valuable insights into their order status for an enhanced post-purchase experience. By embedding the Track Button, your shoppers can effortlessly track shipments using their tracking number.

Key benefits

Streamlined tracking experience
Offer an enhanced tracking experience with just one click using the track button.

Reduced customer inquiries
Studies indicate that 90% of shoppers prefer self-tracking. The AfterShip track button eliminates the need for customers to contact customer service for order updates.

User-friendly integration
Enable the AfterShip track button effortlessly by adding a few lines of code to your store.

Cost-effective solution
Embed the track button for free with no additional charges.

If you have any queries, feel free to connect with our chat support team.

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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