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Modify the Track Button Parameter

Plans: Premim, Enterprise Platforms: All platforms


Customize the data-domain parameter effortlessly by incorporating your unique short name and tracking link for a personalized touch. Follow the instructions below to enhance your brand image, deliver a tailored customer experience, and establish credibility effortlessly.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we'll discuss:

Why customize your track button parameter
Update the Short name
Update the tracking link

Why customize your track button parameter

Tailored tracking results: Witness tracking results showcased under your personalized domain, fostering a branded experience.
Brand image boost: Elevate your brand image by aligning tracking results with a customized domain, reinforcing your brand identity.
Personalized customer experience: Deliver a personalized journey for customers, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.
Credibility building: Establish customer trust and credibility by providing a seamless tracking experience under your brand's personalized domain.

Update the Short name

Go to Organization settings > Choose the Short name (e.g., storeabc)
Update the Track button parameter data-domain with the new Short name (e.g.,

Set up a custom domain (e.g.
Update the Track Button parameter data-domain with the custom domain (e.g.,
Click Save

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Updated on: 05/12/2023

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