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Set Up Tracking Email Notifications in AfterShip

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AfterShip Tracking email notifications are designed to keep your customers informed and communicate important information at every stage of the post-purchase journey. AfterShip Tracking lets you trigger automated email notifications for multiple scenarios. This tutorial will give you a tour of how to enable, customize, and trigger automated shipment notifications from the AfterShip Tracking admin.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Email notifications set up
Email notifications customization
Merge tags (custom variables)
Multilingual notifications set up
Manage sender name and email address

Email notifications set up

AfterShip Tracking allows you to send email notifications for different delivery statuses. With swift email updates, you can keep your customers updated about their order status. AfterShip supports 7 default email notifications along with the custom email workflow capability, should the default notifications do not fulfill your current business requirements.

All email notifications will be disabled by default. If you’d like to enable any of them, follow the steps below.

Go to Notifications in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Click Emails and SMS . AfterShip tracking offers email notifications for 7 key return statuses
Select the email template you would like to activate
Move the toggle to the right to enable and to the left to disable
Click the {...} icon to duplicate email notification template

Renaming and deletion are not allowed for default email notifications.

Email notifications customization

Once email notifications are enabled, you have the complete customization freedom to edit the notification template that will be emailed to your customers. AfterShip Tracking supports three editors to help you personalize your email notifications aligned with your brand tone and business goals.

To get the complete tutorial on how to customize your email notifications, visit this guide

Merge tags (custom variables)

Merge tags are used in an email template to auto-populate required customer and order information from our database according to the order. Each email contains a list of available merge tags that can be embedded in the required place within the email subject, title, and body to import unique information. Content for each email varies, so we recommend auditing all the merge tags available with each template and if they are inserted correctly.

For more information on merge tags visit .

Multilingual notifications set up

Plans: Pro, Enterprise Platforms: All platforms

You can send shipment notifications in multiple languages to match the locale of your customers. Configuring email notifications in multiple languages is quite simple from the email editor.

Before you add a new language, ensure that you have your translations ready, to input the translations into the respective fields.

AfterShip Tracking does not support auto-translation. Thus, you must check and verify each field to ensure the translated version is added to every field correctly.

AfterShip will auto-send multilingual emails to your customers based on the order language. If the order language doesn’t match any languages in the list, we will use your default language.

Click the language icon from above and click Add/remove to add, delete, or set a default language

AfterShip Tracking recommends that you keep email template content relatively simple to ensure that they display properly across all mail applications

For more information on multilingual email notifications, check out this tutorial .

Manage sender name and email address

By default, notification emails are sent via your registered email address. If you’d like to use your domain to send email notifications, the email sender name and reply-to address can be changed at any time:

Go to notifications Settings
Click the Edit button given alongside Email settings
Edit the desired fields

a. Name​​: this name will be displayed on return emails
b.​​ Emai​​l​​: shows in your customer-facing sections whenever we show a support email link

You can select a different email if you have configured additional sender emails in your account

c. Save​​ the changes

Click Manage sender email to add additional email addresses from which you can send email notifications

You will directed to the Organization settings page. Click Add email
Enter your desired email address to receive a confirmation code
Input the confirmation code sent to your email and then hit Add

To improve your delivery rate, verify your email address​​. Check out this tutorial to learn more.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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