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Customize Delivery Notifications

Shoppers track their orders frequently for status updates from the courier. AfterShip keeps them updated by sending customized delivery notifications and engages buyers after-sales.

⏰ Give a detailed update with

Email: you can add the tracking number, branded tracking page URL, courier name, order id, detailed status, courier contact details, and other details

SMS: you can mention store name, tracking number, branded tracking page URLcourier name, status, and other details

You can personalize the content for different triggers by inserting brand logos and Merge Tags.

✏ Edit notification template

Go to AfterShip notification settings > Edit template for events you want to notify shoppers with

Note: Customization of SMS notifications is available for selected countries. Before sending these notifications, please check the rules followed by telecom authorities in different countries.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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