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How to Use AfterShip’s Drag-And-Drop Email Editor

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AfterShip Trackig comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor to enable you to send branded email notifications for different delivery checkpoints to your customers.

This help guide will give you all the details you need to create on-brand email templates.

Access email editor

Go to Notifications > Emails and SMS in your AfterShip Tracking admin
Choose the tracking event(s) for which you want to customize the email template. Click Edit and choose Edit email template

Drag-and-drop email editor is available for both default notifications and custom email workflows

Multiple email editor options are available at the top to create/edit an email template. By default, the editor you last used to sent out notifications will be selected. You can switch between editors from the dropdown.

We are using drag-and-drop email editor for this help guide. There are three elements to the editors that allows you to create a template and customize content based on your requirements.

1. Settings

Email subject: Remove the default email subject line and input a new one as per your requirement

Use merge tags to auto-populate customer and order information to send personalized delivery notifications.

2. Content

Under the Content tab, you can set the header and footer of your email content. There are multiple blocks available to help you offer customers all the relevant information in every email.

Header: Add store logo, customize store name (will display when you don’t have a store logo), and input destination URL.
Image with text: This block gives you three elements in one block where you can add an image and associated text and button

Image: Edit the hero image of the email body, set its width, and input the destination URL
Text: Edit the email header and description as you like. Use merge tags to share more relevant info with customers
Button: Edit the text of the track button, for example, Track your order and input the tracking link as the destination URL
Text: Add additional information related to the shipment status and use merge tags to auto-populate important information

Image: You can add any image with the preferred width and make it clickable as well
Button: You can add more buttons to your email content if required. Just give your button a name and add the desired URL
Text links: You can add clickable text as much as you want and also keep the sequence vertical or horizontal
Shipment Items: You can show the items customers are expecting to be delivered. Set the header along with the image size and shape
Product recommendation: You can share AI-powered recommendations with customers to drive more sales. Configure the following settings to set up your recommendations campaigns right from your tracking notifications

1. Product source

Store: If you have connected multiple stores with AfterShip, choose the one for which you want to show product recommendations

2. Recommendation type

Choose the recommendation type from the available options

Frequently bought togetherComplementary items purchased at the same time by a large number of previous customers
BestsellersThe products from the store that have been sold the most
Product collectionsManually choose the available collections on your store to be displayed as recommendations
Manual selectionManually choose the products from your catalog to be displayed as recommendations
Product conditionYou can choose between Product tag and Product category as defined in your eCommerce platform to recommend products

3. Content

Decide how many columns you'd like to have, specify how many products you want to recommend, select image shape, and what product content you'd like to show to recipients.

AI recommendations

As far as AI recommendations are concerned, we will recommend products based on our AI algorithms. You can decide whether you want your top-selling products to be recommended or frequently purchased ones.

Here's how our algorithm works:

Best sellersFrequently bought together
We consider the order history of last 30 days to identify your top-selling products and rank them as per their sale amount.We display complementary products that shoppers have purchased with the main product. We consider the order history of the last 30 days and rank products by their co-occurrence in orders.

Footer: Change the footer content as per your requirement. Please note that we add the ‘unsubscribe’ link by default

3. Style

Style tab allows you to

Change the email font. You can use Standard web fonts or configure Custom web fonts
Edit the email and content background color
Change the content color
Set up a desired header and footer text and background color

Send yourself a test email to preview how your email is looking and check if any changes are required.
Click Save

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Updated on: 17/11/2023

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