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Schedule SMS Notifications

Plans: Premium, Enterprise Platforms: All platforms


AfterShip Tracking allows you to trigger swift SMS notifications for different default delivery statuses like Info received, Delivered, Exception, In transit, Available for pickup, Failed attempt, and Out for delivery. You can also schedule when you want your SMS notifications to be triggered based on your customer's timezone.

If your customer's timezone is not available, your organization’s timezone will apply.

Steps to schedule SMS notifications

Go to Notifications > Email & SMS in your AfterShip admin
Click on Settings. Move to SMS settings, turn on the toggle button to activate and set up SMS send time
Click Edit and set the time between which you want SMS notifications to be sent to your customers
Hit Confirm

To check SMS notification status, visit the Notification history section and select SMS tab to view the delivery status, tracking no. /order no. for which it was sent, Tracking no. / Order no., order/shipment status and the sent date and time.

Updated on: 04/05/2024

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