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SMS Shipment Notifications With AfterShip

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AfterShip provides users with the capability to send shipment notifications via SMS directly to their customers. These SMS notifications are delivered to the recipients on their registered phone numbers, ensuring effective and convenient communication.

Note: To adhere to proper phone number formatting, ensure the use of the "+" sign along with the country code, area code, and phone number, following the E.164 standard.

What you'll learn:

In this tutorial, we'll discuss:

How to enable SMS notifications
AfterShip's default SMS notification templates

How to enable SMS notifications

Log into your AfterShip account
Navigate to Notifications Emails & SMS

Enable SMS notifications as per your business requirements

AfterShip's default SMS notification templates

AfterShip has designed dedicated templates for each delivery checkpoint to ensure seamless SMS notifications are dispatched at the right time. Below are the SMS templates utilized by AfterShip for different delivery statuses:

Info Received

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is about to ship. |TRACKING_URL|

In Transit

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is now in transit. |TRACKING_URL|

Out For Delivery

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is out for delivery today! |TRACKING_URL|

Available For Pickup

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is available for pickup! |TRACKING_URL|||


|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| is delivered! |TRACKING_URL|


|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| has a delivery exception. |TRACKING_URL|

Failed Attempt

|STORE_NAME|: Your package with |COURIER| has a failed delivery attempt. |TRACKING_URL|

In case you need help with SMS notifications, feel free to chat with our support team now.

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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