AfterShip provides an SSL certificate for users with a verified custom domain to initiate a secure session with the browser. Enabling this feature ensures that the custom domain tracking page has a secure connection.

📄 Key benefits of an SSL certificate

📌 Protect data: it encrypts all the information like IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, etc

📌 Improve shoppers trust: it ensures that their data is secure and they are more likely to revisit the site

📌 Secure payments: it makes shopping experience protected with the HTTPS site

📌 Boost SEO rankings: it shows trust indicator (Padlock) in the address bar thus increasing traffic

🔒 Enable SSL feature

Set up a custom domain and update it on the brand settings page
Go to tracking pages and enable SSL

The changes start to reflect in an hour. It is bundled with the Enterprise plan. For online subscription, a charge of $10 for 30 days entails.
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