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Add Tracking Number to Orders in OpenCart

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AfterShip Tracking is a shipment tracking platform for eCommerce businesses. It enables integration with multiple shipping cart solutions.

OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online eCommerce solution. Connect your OpenCart store to start tracking your OpenCart orders and offer a branded tracking experience to shoppers. Analyze the shipping performance with detailed analytics across 1100+ couriers worldwide for improved delivery rate and customer experience.

Import orders manually, via CSV file, or set up auto-import settings to import new orders to the Shipments dashboard automatically after the initial sync
AfterShip Tracking automatically syncs new shipments in real-time
Once a package has been shipped and a tracking number is generated/added to your OpenCart order, it will be imported to the AfterShip account automatically

Add tracking number to OpenCart order

Log in to your OpenCart Admin Panel
Go to the Orders section and select View for the order you want to add tracking number to

Under Add Order History, select the Order Status and the Courier for the order from the drop down list
Enter the the Tracking Number and click on Add History.

Your Order and Tracking information should be available in your AfterShip Tracking dashboard based on your import settings.

Updated on: 01/04/2024

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