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Auto-Fulfill AfterShip Protection on Your Shopify Store

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AfterShip Protection is listed as a Product in Shopify. In actuality, it is a digital product that does not require shipping.

AfterShip Protection provides an auto-fulfillment function for AfterShip Protection product when the order is fulfilled to avoid your orders showing as partially fulfilled on Shopify.

What you’ll learn

How to set up auto-fulfillment
How the auto-fulfillment flow works

How to set up auto-fulfillment

Go to Protection > Settings in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Find the Automatic fulfillment feature and tick the checkbox to enable it

AfterShip Protection enables this feature, by default

By enabling the feature, if the order is protected, when the protected order is being fulfilled, our system will find out whether the AfterShip Protection has fulfilled or not. If not fulfilled, our system will auto-fulfill the AfterShip Protection product for you.

If you disable the feature, you may find the order is partially fulfilled on Shopify and you may need to manually fulfill each order

This feature will not affect the fulfillment of your 3PL/Fulfillment System. If you have any other questions, could reach out to our support team.

Make sure the fulfillment flow works well before you launch AfterShip Protection

Before you go live with AfterShip Protection, please make sure your fulfillment flow works well.

After launching AfterShip Protection, create a test or draft order on Shopify
Track the order through to fulfillment
If AfterShip Protection is properly fulfilled in Shopify, everything is working
If not, please reach our support team.

For other concerns or questions, please reach our support team too.

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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