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How could AfterShip Protection help with your business?

1. What is AfterShip Protection

AfterShip Protection is a shipping insurance solution that covers lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Protection is a free service.

We partner with InsureShield, which offers a high 95% claims approval rate and is approved within 2-5 business days.

Protection provides online tools for purchasing premiums, submitting claims, and managing coverages and claims. Claims are processed quickly and easily, enhancing customer experience and promoting brand loyalty.

2. What’s the limitation to use the AfterShip Protection service?

(1) Protection only supports the merchant with a USA business entity.

(2) Protection support all carriers shipping from global to global.

(3) Not all commodities are eligible for coverage under the Policies. Each Policy specifically excludes the following commodities from coverage: contraband, illicit goods; accounts receivable; fish meal; nuclear fuel and substances; fireworks, explosive agents, fire-starting devices or aids; live plants, animals and insects, human tissues or organs, human remains, corpses or body parts; bullion; stamps; cash; currency; money; coins; deeds; notes; securities; bills; evidence of debt; precious stones; and fine arts and jewelry. Commodity-specific coverage terms may apply.

For detail please see the terms and conditions from InsureShield.

3. How could I benefit from the Protection services

AfterShip Protection offers several benefits:

(1) Keep your customers peace of mind: You can get up to a 95%+ claims approval rate within 2-5 business days, with a small premium payment from the insurance company, reducing worries about lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

(2) Improve post-sales efficiency: Online tools allow you to manage claims automatically, saving time and effort while improving efficiency.

(3) Increase brand loyalty: Quick response to solving claims can turn customers' dissatisfaction into a good impression, and help to enhance brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Additionally, we provide data analysis and insights on claims to help improve post-sales experience.

4. Why would I need to attach a credit card when I enable AfterShip Protection?

Protection is free for you as the merchant, but we need to charge for the premiums.

Consumers buy Protection in your store, and we need a card to transfer those payments to us. We’ll charge the premiums on a monthly basis. Basically, we would charge at the beginning of next month.

5. How could consumers file a claim?

Consumers could file a claim with the below methods:
Consumers could file a claim with the below methods:

(1) Email: When consumers place an order with AfterShip Protection, we will send an email to him/her, the email has a ‘File a claim’ entrance.

(2) Branded claim page: We also provide a branded claim page for you, you could get the page URL on the 「Protection > Settings」 page and send it to your consumers. You could also add it to your footer navigation if necessary, so that consumers can find it easily.

(3) Branded tracking page: When tracking the order with Protection on the branded tracking page with the order number, consumers could see the protection status and go to the detail page to file a claim.

The file-a-claim process is easy and only takes a couple of minutes for consumers to finish.

For more detail please see How Can Your Customers File a Claim

6. How could the claims be handled?

Because the insurance company will review and pay the claim to merchants instead of paying to consumers, so merchants would need to resolve the claim with consumers before or after the claim is approved by the insurance company.

You can choose to Reship with the same items/ Refund to the original payment or Refund to the store credit to your consumers.

We also provide automation to this resolution in Shopify and WooCommerce platforms to save your time.

Also because the insurance claim approval rate is high if you want to provide a great experience to consumers, you could resolve with consumers by the time they submit the claims and then find the insurance company for the claim pay.

We also provide a whole automation of the claim flow. When the insurance approved/ paid the claims, we’ll auto-solve the claim based on the consumers’s choice.

For more detail please see How to Manage AfterShip Protection Claims

7. Could I refund AfterShip Protection?

When a consumer place an order with AfterShip Protection and the order is not shipped, you could refund the protection fee to the consumer, and we’ll void the coverage and will not charge you for the premium fee.

But once the order is shipped, we’ll activate the coverage, and it can’t be refunded.

8. How could I get the claim paid?

The claim amount will be paid to merchants by the insurance company. The insurance company will send all claim paid amount to AfterShip Protection first.
And AfterShip Protection will send the claim paid amount to merchants for a month at the beginning of next month.

If the claim is approved, the compensation amount will be deducted from the premium paid. If the difference between the premium and compensation is positive, it will be deducted from the credit card. If the difference is negative, we will transfer the remaining amount to your PayPal account.

9. How could I integrate AfterShip Protection with my store?

AfterShip Protection can be easily integrated with your store if you are using Shopify, WooCommerce, or Salesforce platform.

(1) Apply at AfterShip admin site > Protection page.
(2) If you’re qualified, our sales will contact you. And it’ll just take a few minutes to go live:
- Finish the onboarding form.
- Contact our experts to insert a Protection widget on your store.

For details about applying to the Shopify platform, please see Apply AfterShip Protection to my Shopify store

If you have any other questions, contact us at

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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