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Apply AfterShip Protection to my Shopify store

AfterShip protection protects packages from lost/ damaged/ Porch piracy(stolen), to decrease the loss when shipping issues occur.

AfterShip provides insurance services from third-party insurance companies, i.e. InsureShield.

AfterShip Protection is currently only open to business entities based in the USA.

This article mainly tells how to apply AfterShip Protection to your Shopify store.

What will you learn

If you have a Shopify store, to apply AfterShip Protection to your store, you may need to :

Fill in the form to tell us basic information about your business
___ If you’re qualified, finish the onboarding and begin to use AfterShip Protection.
Fill in the onboarding information needed
Contact our experts to insert the Protection widget into your store, or you can install yourself.

Step1. Apply for access to the AfterShip Protection onboarding.

Go to AfterShip admin site > Protection page, click ‘Request access’, and fill in the ‘Request access’ form.

If you’re qualified, then you’ll go to the onboarding steps.

Otherwise, you can't go to the onboarding step now.

Step2. Finish the onboarding information

Fill in the claim contact and the billing contact info, also attach a credit card.

The AfterShip Protection service is free. Because customers buy protection in your store, we just need a card to transfer those payments to us.

Step3. Install the Protection widget in your Shopify store.

The final step to onboard AfterShip Protection. Our experts will help you implement it in your store.

What do you need to do:

Accept our experts’ request for collaborator access to your store. Our experts will make this request as a Shopify Partner. Kindly allow access to “Products/Themes” on your Shopify admin site.

Where we will install AfterShip Protection:

If your store is a Shopify Plus store, we'll insert it on the check-out page.
If your store is a Shopify store, we'll insert it in the shopping cart.

We’ll install AfterShip Protection into your test theme, and can go live after running well on your store.

When you finish these 3 steps, your customers could place an order with AfterShip Protection to keep peace of mind throughout the whole shopping journey.

Or you could self install the Protection widget, please refer to
How to Install AfterShip Protection on Your Shopify Store

To make sure AfterShip Protection runs well in your store, you may need to check 3 more things:

If your store shows the ‘AfterShip Protection’ product? You could hide the product refer to :
How to Remove AfterShip Protection (Appearing as a Product Listing) From My Shopify Store

If your fulfillment flow affected? If yes, could refer to:
How to Allow Auto-Fulfillment on Orders With Aftership Protection

Make sure your store’s coupon won’t be applied to the AfterShip Protection product, if yes, we’ll charge you the original premium price. You could set up coupons not apply to Protection product refer to:
How to Exclude AfterShip Protection from Discounts (Shopify)

If you would have any other questions, please contact our support team.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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