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Configure AfterShip Protection Widget Settings

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You can give your customers the convenience of automatically adding AfterShip Protection to their order or allow them to decide whether they wish to protect their purchase from unforeseen damage and theft. You can configure these settings easily on AfterShip Tracking admin.

Go to AfterShip Protection Settings in your AfterShip Tracking admin

Under Protection Process Widget Settings,

A. Select the checkbox of Add AfterShip Protection to all orders by default, if you want to add AfterShip Protection to your customers’ orders by default. This does not mean, the order will be placed with Protection included unbeknownst to customers.

The Protection will be auto-selected and included in the customer’s order on the cart page. The customer can unselect Protection to remove it from the order if they wish to.

If the option of Add AfterShip Protection to all orders by default is not selected, the customer will see the unselected widget on the cart page and can decide if they wish to add it to their order.

B. Select the checkbox of Show a tracking and claims guidance section on your thank you page, if you want to display the banner guiding customers to track their order with the AfterShip Package Tracker App and protect their orders with shipping insurance.

The customer will see the Track order with AfterShip button if selected. Upon clicking the button, the customer will be asked to input their mobile number.

A text with a link to the AfterShip app will be sent to the customer, which will direct them to the AfterShip App installation page.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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