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Display Tracking Status at the Store


Tracking shipments accurately is integral to improve performance and deliver an enhanced post-purchase customer experience. With AfterShip Tracking, proactive delivery updates can be sent to shoppers. They can also track shipments effortlessly with the click of a button.

Show tracking information at the store

1. Track Button

Insert Track Button to your store or embed it on the order history page. Shoppers can check the order status by entering a tracking number or by automatically adding the tracking number and courier on the store page.

2. AfterShip Tracking API API

AfterShip API is a more advanced way to display tracking results directly at your site without asking the shoppers to manually input tracking numbers. Unlike Track Button, you have full control over the design of tracking results presentation.

3. Branded tracking page

AfterShip branded tracking can be embedded to any page at the store. Provide the tracking page URL within email and SMS notifications to support tracking. Shipments can be tracked with a tracking number and/or order number and email address.

Create a branded tracking page and

Easily track orders and get real-time status
Promote brand with your logo and URL
Reduce customer WISMO inquiries
Display social media content
Engage shoppers after-sales

Incorrect tracking status

AfterShip fetches the tracking data from the courier’s official website and reflects the same tracking information to the shoppers. When there is an update regarding a tracking number, AfterShip automatically analyzes the tracking information and maps it to one of the corresponding statuses like “ In transit”, etc. In case of any discrepancies in tracking contact the support team at

Additional considerations

AfterShip shares tracking updates precisely to ensure that you can keep track of your shipments. But there are a few things you need to know to use AfterShip properly. Kindly keep the following details in mind.

You can check the tracking details for up to 120 days since you add the shipment to your AfterShip dashboard. After this period, the shipment will be removed automatically from your AfterShip admin
As per AfterShip's policy, we only fetch the tracking updates from the carrier if they are updated within 90 days. After 90 days, you must check tracking updates on the carrier's website.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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