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Guide to Receive Destination Tracking Data

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AfterShip streamlines the tracking process for international shipments, capturing tracking details for both the origin and destination countries. Depending on the integration type, the method for obtaining destination tracking data varies. However, all the tracking checkpoints from both origin and destination carriers or locations are clubbed together under a single tracking number for a better understanding. In this tutorial, we'll discuss different methods for receiving destination tracking data.

Methods for receiving destination tracking data

Store connector

AfterShip seamlessly detects and tracks the destination country automatically using the connector integration, based on the data provided by carrier.

CSV upload

For CSV uploads, ensure to specify the destination_country using the ISO Alpha-3 (three letters) or Alpha-2 (two letters) country code within the relevant columns of the sheet.


When adding a tracking number via POST/trackings using the API, specify destination_country_iso3 with the ISO Alpha-3 (three letters) or Alpha-2 (two letters) country code.

It's important that the origin country may not be specified as it is automatically inserted once the carrier for the origin country is detected.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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