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How to Show AI-Predicted Estimated Delivery Date on Product Pages of Your Shopify Store

Cart abandonment usually happens when there’s no clarity over the delivery time. Therefore, it gets important for businesses to share an estimated delivery date to keep shoppers interested. With AfterShip, you can show AI-predicted estimated delivery date on product pages of your Shopify store. And this guide tells you the steps you need to follow.

To use this feature, make sure you’re either on an Enterprise or a Premium plan.
Note: Our AI model currently predicts EDD for 43 major worldwide carriers and will support more in the future. If your preferred carriers are missing from the list given below, contact us now

➡️ Enable the AEDD feature

Log in to your AfterShip account > Go to Apps

Select AEDD > Click Enable and complete 3 easy steps

1️⃣ Select date format

Choose the date format from the available options: Date range and Single date

We recommend the Date range option because its accuracy is higher than the other option.

Click Next

2️⃣ Set processing time

Set the order processing time to let our AI system estimate the time a carrier could possibly take to pick an order. Just configure Order cutoff time, Order processing time, and Business days.

👉 Order cutoff time

It indicates the amount of time you need to process an order.

Note: This may impact the EDD (estimated date of delivery) calculation.

Let’s say that you have set 6:00 p.m. as your order cutoff time,

If customers place an order before 6 p.m., e.g. 3 p.m., then you can process the order on the very same day
If customers place an order after 6 p.m., e.g. 10 p.m., then you can only process the order on the next day

👉 Order processing time

It refers to the additional working days required to handle order-related work before the dispatch.

Note: This will affect the EDD (estimated delivery of delivery) calculation.

Example: If you set the order processing time to 1 day, this is how things will work:

If a customer places an order on Tuesday and before the cutoff time, you can process it on the very same day. But the rest of the procedure will be followed on Wednesday. It means the order will be dispatched on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday.

👉 Business days (store)

It represents the days on which you prefer to process orders.

Note: US holidays will be excluded by default. This could also affect the EDD calculation.

Let’s imagine that you have set your working days from Monday to Friday, then orders placed on the weekend will only be processed on the upcoming Monday.

3️⃣ Set shipping rule

Set a default shipping rule by choosing a carrier and a service type. Our AI model will consider this to calculate an estimate delivery date.

Besides setting a default shipping rule, you can define additional rules according to different scenarios. For example:

Scenario 1 (Adding location-specific carrier): Click Add Rule and set Recipient location and Use Carrier as Conditions and Action respectively

Scenario 2 (Increasing processing time according to a product type): Click Add Rule and set Product type and EDD result extra day as Conditions and Action respectively

Scenario 3 (Providing pick up date according to SKU): Click Add Rule and set SKU and Pick up date as Conditions and Action respectively

Click Enable to finalize your settings

➡️ Make changes into your Shopify admin

👉 Steps to follow for Shopify theme 1.0 users:

Log in to your Shopify admin account > Go to Themes

Select Edit code from the Actions' dropdown menu

Navigate to Sections and select main-product.liquid file

Please note that the liquid file varies according to a Shopify theme. We have used Dawn them just as an example.
Search when product-form__error-message in the code and paste the following script right below </div>

<aftership-aedd class="aftership-container" description="Estimated delivery" text-color="#232933" icon-color="#5C5F62"
    background-color="#FFFFFF" top-padding="28" bottom-padding="28" app-platform="shopify" app-key="{{ shop.permanent_domain }}"
    app-name="aftership" product-id="{{ }}"></aftership-aedd>
<script> window._asProduct = {{ product | json }}</script>
<script src=""></script>

Once done, Save your changes

👉 Steps to follow for Shopify theme 2.0 users:

Access your Shopify store admin > Go to Themes and click Customize

Select the Default product page from the dropdown menu

Click Add section and choose AI Predictive EDD available under Apps

Save your changes

Now, the estimated delivery time should be visible for each product. In case this hasn’t worked, reach our support team for help

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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