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Install the AfterShip Protection Widget on Your Salesforce Store

In order to install the AfterShip Protection widget on your Salesforce store, you could contact our expert to install it for you, or you could install it yourself.

If you want our expert to install for you, you could share a Salesforce account with us, so that we will install for you ASAP.
Otherwise you could follow the installation steps to do the installation yourself.

How to share a Salesforce account

Follow the Salesforce platform instruction to add an account to your organization and share with us:

How to install Protection widget in your store

Upload cartridge

a. Download & unzip widget installation file (Find SA to get the file, or contact support at
b. Upload the int_aftership_protection_sfra**/** to the sandbox

Set up cartridge path
a. Go to Business Administration → Sites → Manage Sites → Your Site → Settings
b. Add int_aftership_protection_sfra at the beginning of the cartridge path.

Import catalog

a. Select the site for integrating
b. Go to Merchant Tools → Products and Catalogs → Import & Export
c. Upload the file ./metadata/catalog.xml
d. Go to Catalog import select the catalog.xml from step c, and complete the import process

e. Assign the product to your current category that is in use.

f. Go to Product Images Import, select aftership-protection-catalog , create new directory call images , upload ./images/aftership-protection-cover.jpg

Update inventory

a. Go to Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Inventory
b. Edit the current site’s inventory, allocate an inventory record for aftership-protection
c. Configure as perpetual, since it’s an virtual product and need to always be in-stock

After that, you could see the widget on your Check-out page.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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