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Install the AfterShip Protection Widget on Your WooCommerce Store

In order to install the AfterShip Protection widget on your WooCommerce store, you could contact our expert to install it for you, or you could install it yourself.

If you want our expert to install for you, you could share a WooCommerce account with us, so that we will install for you ASAP.
Otherwise you could follow the installation steps to do the installation yourself.

How to share a WooCommerce account

Share an account to us with “Administrator” role

How to install Protection widget in your store

Install AfterShip Tracking plugin

a. Log in to your WooCommerce admin, Go to Plugins → Add New
b. Search “AfterShip”, install & Active “AfterShip Tracking”

Or you can manually download the AfterShip Plugin from,
Then go to Plugins → Add New, upload & install plugin

c. Connect your AfterShip account to your WooCommerce store

Find the WooCommerce checkout page file and insert a script into it.

a. Go to Plugins → Plugin File Editor or Tools → Plugin File Editor,
b. Select WooCommerce for ' Select plugin to edit'

c. Locate the PHP file of the checkout page where you'd like to add the widget. Typically, this file can be found in */woocommerce/templates/checkout/. Once located, copy and paste the script into the desired location on the page.

        	<script async src=""></script>

In the below example screenshot, we add the widget under the title “Your order”

Click 'Upload File' (Save the change)

⚠️ If the merchant updates the WooCommerce plugin, the Protection widget will be removed, and need to insert the Protection widget again.

Here is how it looks like:

Updated on: 24/05/2023

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