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Learn About Carrier Auto-Detection

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Tracking can be a headache when dealing with high-volume of shipments. And it can become even more daunting if you don’t know the carriers and the shipment has no carrier information. But AfterShip Tracking has a solution to this problem.

Add your most-frequently used carriers and shipping services to the AfterShip Tracking carrier list.

AfterShip is integrated with 1120+ carrier services worldwide for merchants to track shipments and ensure timely deliveries
Certain carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, AIT, Airmee, and more require proper carrier account connection for optimum tracking performance

Carrier auto-detection

Carrier auto-detection is a functionality in AfterShip Tracking that uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to analyze the tracking number and determine which carrier is responsible for the shipment. This feature works with a wide range of carriers and shipping services, so you can be confident that you’ll get accurate results whenever any of your shipments are missing carrier information.

How does carrier auto-detection work

AfterShip Tracking maintains a vast repository of tracking number formats. Combined with AfterShip’s intelligent AI-powered algorithm, this gives a high accuracy of carrier detection and shipping service based on the tracking number and provides tracking updates subsequently.

Add carriers

Add carriers you frequently use to your AfterShip Tracking admin

Go to Carriers in your AfterShip Tracking admin and click Add carriers
Search a carrier or select the checkbox for carriers you want to add to the list

Select the Ship from country, if required
Click Add
Carrier that require account connection will have a text in orange suggesting the same while selecting the carrier from the list

Once added to the list, click Connect now > Connect, fill in the required details and click Connect again
Carriers that are added to the carrier list but yet to be connected will be displayed under the Require carrier connection tab

Adjust the priority of the carriers under My Carriers list by dragging them up and down

When a shipment has no carrier info, AfterShip Tracking will auto-detect the carrier based on this list.

Advanced auto-detection settings

If you work with limited carriers and want auto-detection to function based on the number of carriers you have added to your Carrier list, Enable Customize auto-detection.

Enable Invalid slug removal to allow the auto-detect feature to automatically detect the correct carrier slug if there’s an invalid carrier slug while importing shipments to the Shipment dashboard via API.

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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