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Remove Your AfterShip Account


AfterShip account can be deactivated once the subscription plan gets canceled. If you are on a trial subscription, you can remove the account directly. 

Note: Tracking data in your account will be deleted after 90-120 days of account removal. 

Removing AfterShip account is a 3-step procedure.

Step 1: Delete store connection(s) from your organization
Step 2: Delete organization(s) associated with your AfterShip account
Step 3: Delete AfterShip Account

Delete store connections

Store connections are the online stores your organization is connected with.

Log in to your online store admin and uninstall AfterShip application
Once done, access your AfterShip admin to delete store connection and cancel subscription

Enterprise plan users must contact our support team to cancel their subscription.

Delete organizations

If your account is connected to multiple organizations and you are the owner, you need to delete them all first, or get yourself removed from the member list of the organization, if you are not the owner.

If you are the owner

Move to your Organization settings > Delete organization tab. Click Delete organization. Verify you email and type in the name of your organization and click Remove organization

Deleting organization will remove all of its data from the AfterShip account. This action can be reversed.

If you are not the owner

Please contact the owner to remove you from the organization you are a member of.

Delete account

Once your account is no connected to any organization, you can delete your account permanently.

Go to your Account settings
Move to Security > Delete account

If you are not connected to any organization or a part of any organization, you will see the option of Delete account activated, otherwise it will be greyed
Click Delete account to delete your account permanently

In case you have any other query regarding account deletion, drop a mail to our support team at

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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