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How to Add a Tracking Page to the Navigation Panel of Your Shopify Store?

Giving a phenomenal post-purchase experience is significant to attain customer delight and build brand loyalty. AfterShip lets Shopify merchants add a tracking page to the navigation panel of their store, which not only gives them a competitive advantage but also empowers their customers to check the whereabouts of their orders with no hassle.

👨‍💻 Steps to add a tracking page to the navigation panel of a Shopify store

Go to the ‘Tracking pages’ section of your AfterShip account and scroll down to find the ‘Add tracking page to navigation’ section

Copy the link of your tracking page

Now, go to your Shopify store’s ‘Navigation’ option and decide whether you want to add the tracking page to the main menu or footer menu

We recommend adding the tracking page to the Shopify store’s main menu, as it ensures ease of access for store visitors :)
After selecting the menu, click on the ‘Add menu item’ option

Fill up the required details — ‘Name’ and ‘Link (paste the copied URL of your tracking page here) — hit the 'Add' button

The list of menu items will instantly get updated, and you can set the desired order by simply doing drag-and-drop

Tap on the ‘Save menu’ option to finish the process

Ta-da! It’s done 🤟

In case you are encountering any issues while modifying the navigation menu of your Shopify store, our chat support team will be happy to assist you

Updated on: 07/10/2022

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