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How to Get an Active Sender Number for SMS


AfterShip SMS lets merchants send SMS to share updates with their customers. However, you must get an active number first. This tutorial will help you seamlessly obtain one.

Steps to get active numbers

Go to Settings and select SMS
Click Set up SMS and complete 3 easy steps

Step 1: Choose regions

Select the regions you’d like to send SMS to, and we’ll assign a phone number to your account according to your selection. You can change this later in the settings.

Points to keep in mind:

For merchants who need to send SMS to the US, we will generate a US toll-free number for US SMS traffic.
For merchants who need to send SMS to the UK, we will generate a UK domestic long code for UK SMS traffic.
For merchants who need to send SMS to the rest of the world, we will generate a US long code for other SMS traffic.

Step 2: Submit business info to get phone numbers

Note: Toll-free verification is a must for the best delivery in the U.S., you won't be able to send messages to U.S.-based numbers until the toll-free number is verified.

Sending an SMS to any region requires company information to be included. Also, SMS won’t be triggered to your US customers if your toll-free number number is not activated.

Step 3: Complete TCPA/GDPR compliance settings

Adhering to rules and regulations is imperative to send SMS through AfterShip SMS. Kindly follow this guide.

Frequently asked questions about phone number

Can I send SMS in the upgraded notification system without applying dedicated phone numbers?
No, registering dedicated phone numbers is mandatory if you want to send SMS through the upgraded notification system.

How many phone numbers can I have for sending SMS?
The number of phone numbers available for sending SMS depends on the region you want to send them to. Each organization can obtain up to three phone numbers:
1 US toll-free number for sending SMS to recipients in the US.
1 UK long code for sending SMS to recipients in the UK.
1 US long code for sending SMS to recipients in other regions.

How long does it take to start sending SMS after registering my business info for a phone number?
To send SMS to US recipients, business information verification is required, taking around 24 hours. SMS sending is enabled only after phone number verification. For non-US recipients, activation can be done instantly by clicking "Activate" in the admin panel.

Will I receive a notification regarding the phone number verification result?
Yes, we will send an email to the organization owner of your AfterShip account.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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