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How to Search Individual Shipments

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AfterShip Tracking lets you search your shipment on the Shipments dashboard individually and in bulk. For finding individual shipments, multiple segments are supported that you can put on the search bar to find the shipment you are looking for.

Steps to follow

Go to Shipments in your AfterShip Tracking admin
On the Search bar, input one of the following segments to retrieve the shipment associated with that segment.

Tracking numberTracking number of a shipment.
Shipment titleTitle that can be customized by users. By default this field shows the tracking_number
Order numberThe identifier of the order is usually the order number merchants show to their customers.
Order IDThe globally unique identifier of the order, used usually for the merchant's internal reference.
Customer nameThe person who placed the order, or the person in whose name the order is placed.
Email addressEmail address(es) to receive the tracking updates notifications
Phone numberPhone number(s) to receive the SMS tracking updates notifications
Custom fieldsThe custom fields that are described and set up by users and created via API, CSV, or Admin.
NoteNote can be customized by users.


Search shipment(s) by carrier

Search shipment(s) by email

Search shipment(s) by tracking number

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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