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Learn About Claim Status Update Notifications

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Stay effortlessly informed with AfterShip Protection as it automatically sends timely status updates to both you and your customers whenever there is a change in the claim status.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss:

Notification to merchants
Notification to customers

Notification to merchants

Below are the different claim statuses for which you will receive a notification as soon as the claim status is updated. All the supported notifications are enabled by default and are not customizable.

The notifications are triggered to the contact email you fill in during the onboarding process.

Claim status updates:

UnsubmittedWhen the claim is submitted by your customers but not submitted to the insurance company. (You can see this status when you disable the feature: Automatically submit the claims submitted by your buyers to the insurance company)
SubmittedWhen the claim is submitted to the insurance company
Awaiting documentsWhen the claim submitted by your customers need additional documents. The similar notification will be sent to your customer with the list of documents required.
ApprovedWhen the claim is approved by the insurance company
PaidWhen the claim is paid by the insurance company
DeniedWhen the claim is denied by the insurance company
ClosedWhen the claim is closed by the insurance company

Auto-resolution status:

Auto-resolve successfullyWhen the auto resolution is triggered successfully, you will receive an email
Failed to auto-resolveWhen the auto resolution fails to trigger. you will receive an email

Data Summary

Claims are being paid within a dayWe’ll send you emails when your claims are being paid within a day
Monthly billing detailAt the beginning of every month, we’ll send you the billing detail of the last month along with the premium and claim amount details

Notification to customers

AfterShip Protection notifies your customers whenever there is a resolution status update. You can enable/disable which all notifications you'd like to activate.

Go to Protection > Notifications in your AfterShip Tracking admin
Shift the toggle to the right to enable and to the left to disable the notifications based on your requirements
Click Preview to view the email template

To customize the email template, get in touch with us.

Below are the different notifications that your customers will receive when there is a claim status update:

Order protectedWhen a customer placed an order with AfterShip Protection
Claim status becomes "Awaiting documents"When the claim is submitted to the insurance company and requires additional documents before they can proceed with the claim process
Resolution status is "To be resolved"When the claim is submitted by the customer and is under process
Resolution status is "Resolved"When the claim is resolved
Resolution status is "Denied"When the claim is denied

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to our support team for quick assistance.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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