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Understand AfterShip Tracking Order Status Mapping


This is how your eCommerce platform order statuses will be mapped against AfterShip Tracking order statuses.

Order statuses for every platform differs and will be mapped to AfterShip Tracking accordingly.


eCommerce platform statusDefinitionAfterShip Tracking status
pendingThe payments are pending. Payment might fail in this state. Check again to confirm whether the payments have been paid successfully.unpaid
authorizedThe payments have been authorized.unpaid
partially_paidThe order have been partially paid.partially_paid
paidThe payments have been paid.paid
partially_refundedThe payments have been partially refunded.partially_refunded
refundedThe payments have been refunded.refunded
voidedThe payments have been voided.unpaid
Shopify.fulfillment_statusSummarized by line items's fulfillment status (fulfillable_quantity)
nullNone of the line items in the order have been fulfilled.unfulfilled
partialAt least one line item in the order has been fulfilled.partially_fulfilled
fulfilledEvery line item in the order has been fulfilled.fulfilled
restockedEvery line item in the order has been restocked and the order canceled.null
Shopify.order_statusCalculation rules
openBy defalutopen
closedIncludes closed_atclosed
canceledIncludes cancelled_atcanceled

Other platforms

To know how the order statuses of other eCommerce platforms will be against AfterShip Tracking order statuses, download this link

Updated on: 16/01/2024

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