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Update Shipment Status in AfterShip via CSV Upload

Upload a CSV file to AfterShip and automatically update the status of multiple shipments in a single go. You can update the status of 5,000 shipments in one upload.

Points to consider while filling the CSV template:

Duplicate information will be overwritten i.e. if a tracking number is added twice, the status will be overwritten by the one in the higher row
You need to mention tracking id or tracking number & slug
If you are mentioning additional notes, they should be inside quotation marks. For example “This is a note”
Maximum allowed notes length is 1024 characters

📝Fill up the CSV template

Download the CSV template > Input details > Mention the shipment status under user_marked_as_completed column > Save changes

user_marked_as_completed value is case-sensitive and must be one of DELIVERED, LOST, or RETURNED_TO_SENDER

🔁 Update status via CSV

Go to Shipments page > More actions > Update status via CSV
Upload the updated CSV file > Update

You will receive a CSV upload status email once the file has been processed. The email will be sent to your registered email address.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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