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Frequently Asked Questions on SF Express Tracking Updates

👨‍💻 Why are new changes being introduced?

SF Express has created two new API endpoints for domestic and international shipments to offer a splendid tracking experience and better traffic management.

👨‍💻 What needs to be done for international shipments?

You don’t have to do anything for international shipments, as we’ve already connected with the new API endpoint of SF Express to offer you tracking updates. However, expect delays regarding old trackings for the time being.

👨‍💻 How will I get updates for domestic express shipments?

To let AfterShip get tracking updates from the BSP tracking API system of SF Express for your domestic express shipments (including HKG/TWN/MAC shipments), please contact your local SF Express sales, let him know you're use AfterShip as your tracking solution, and request to add your name and SF account number in the BSP system under AfterShip client code. It will enable us to access tracking data for sharing purposes.
If you're not sure about your local SF Express sales, you can write to us AfterShip with your account number, and we will help you arrange.

Once done, AfterShip will be able to fetch tracking updates for your domestic shipments.

👨‍💻 Is the ‘sf-express’ slug going to change as well?

No, you can use it as far as international shipments are concerned. For domestic ones (including HKG/TWN/MAC shipments), please use our newly released slug — ‘sf-express-cn’ — from now onwards.

Please start updating the slug of your local shipments. Click here in case you need help.

For any other question, please connect with our chat support team for quick answers.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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