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Analyze Shipment Reviews to Understand Customer Experience

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The Shipment reviews dashboard is a powerful tool that allows you to closely monitor and analyze the performance of the feedback (reviews) received from your customers about their delivery performance. With this in-depth data, you can gain valuable insights into your customers' delivery experience and what actions you can take to improve it.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Access shipment reviews report
Analyze the average rating
Analyze the top tags
View customer review details
Dashboard and report actions

Access shipment reviews report

Go to Analytics in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Move to the Shipment reviews tab to access the complete periodic analysis
The top section of the report allows you to sort data based on certain filters

Select the filters and click apply to view granulated data customized to your needs

a. Filter data by date: You can filter data by review submission date. This allows you to analyze reviews received within a specific time frame, helping you to identify trends and patterns in customer feedback over time.

b. Filter data by carrier: You can further refine your analysis by selecting specific carriers. This gives you the ability to compare performance metrics across different carriers, identifying any strengths or areas for improvement.

c. Filter data by star rating: With the star rating filter, you can narrow down your analysis and concentrate on specific rating levels such as 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star. This granularity allows you to observe how different rating levels correlate with customer satisfaction and identify any patterns or trends that may emerge.

d. Filter data by tags: The ability to filter your reviews by tags allows you to categorize them based on tags left by your customers. By organizing your reviews in this manner, you can easily identify common themes or topics in customer feedback.

Analyze the average rating

The bar chart helps you analyze the average ratings received from your customer with their reviews and the distribution of shipments across different rating levels.

The average rating is calculated by dividing the total ratings received by the number of shipments. By examining the average rating, you can assess the overall performance of your shipments and identify any areas for improvement.

Additionally, the distribution of shipments across different rating levels can help you understand the distribution of customer satisfaction and identify any patterns or trends that may emerge.

Analyze the top tags

Examining the top tags left by customers can provide valuable insights into what enhanced or diminished their delivery experience. These tags categorize the reviews and can help identify common themes or topics in customer feedback that need corrective actions. Understanding the top tags associated with shipments allows you to gain a better understanding of customer preferences, areas of satisfaction, and potential areas for improvement in delivery performance.

View customer review details

The dashboard gives you access to the review details, including the customer's rating, any text content provided in the review, and other relevant data. This level of detail allows you to understand the specific feedback and opinions shared by your customers.

Dashboard and report actions

The Dashboard provides several actions that you can take to enhance your experience and share valuable insights with others. Here are the actions you can perform:

a. Export PDF

To save or share a snapshot of the dashboard, simply click on the option located in the upper right corner to export it as a PDF file. This enables you to capture the current state of the dashboard and conveniently share it with your team members.

b. Export CSV

On the upper right corner of the dashboard, you also have the option to export the review details to a CSV file for further analysis.

c. Email report or dashboard

If you want to share the latest insights and performance metrics with your team members, you can schedule recurring email report or dashboard to receive regular updates.

Email report or dashboard feature is only available for Enterprise standard and advanced plans.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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