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How to Check Shipping Exceptions Report

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It is crucial for the merchants to monitor the performance of shipments with an exception event in the tracking history. In this article, you’ll learn how to access shipping exceptions reports that help you get a detailed overview of how your shipments perform over time.

Steps to access shipping exception reports

Navigate to Analytics > Exceptions in the AfterShip Tracking admin

Existing paid users (Essentials and above plans) who have subscribed to AfterShip before the release of the Exceptions tab would be able to access the tab unless they downgrade their plan (From Pro/Premium to Essentials or from Enterprise advanced to Enterprise standard).

Below is a detailed breakdown of the key exception metrics, along with their relevance.

Key exception metrics

At the top, you will get a snapshot overview of your shipping exceptions in the form of: Exception rate, Total exceptions, Lost, Damaged, and Returned to sender.

Exception rate: The percentage of tracked shipments with an exception
Exception shipments: The number of tracked shipments with an exception
Lost: The percentage of tracked exception shipments with lost status
Damaged: The percentage of tracked exception shipments with damaged status
Returned to sender: The percentage of tracked exception shipments with lost status

You can click on the individuals tabs to drill down into the report and check shipments with exceptions in detail
You can also Export the data for each key metric for future reference by clicking Export. Select the file type and date format and click Export again

Please note that the shipments used in the reporting are all shipments tracked.

Moving on, you will see more charts showcasing the performance of your exception shipments over time. Here, you will find the following:

Percentage of exceptions over time

This graph shows exceptions over the selected timeframe. You can view exceptions by day, week, and month.
Click All to view specific exception types (lost/damaged/return) and View details to view the performance of exception shipments over a specific date range.

Filter shipments by date, location, carrier service or set up custom fields to filter shipments based on your personalized needs

Exception by current status

This pie chart shows total shipments on exception status along with the information on sub-status breakdown.

Highest exception rate

This graph shows you the highest exception rates by carrier and destination.

See how the metrics are calculated below:

A. By carrier

Number of FedEx Exceptions = 4,135
FedEx Exceptions Percentage = 23% (4,135 / Total number of FedEx shipments x 100)

B. By destination

Number of USA Exceptions = 4,135
USA Exceptions Percentage = 23% (4,135 / Total number of USA shipments x 100)

C. You can also view the detailed breakdown of exception shipments by carriers and destination by clicking View details

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact our chat support team.

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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