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Everything You Need to Know About Notifications Analytics

With AfterShip, merchants can trigger notifications for different checkpoints to build an immersive post-purchase experience. Its analytics sheds light on the effectiveness of notifications so that the right measures can be taken when needed. This guide will tell everything you need to know.

➡️ Information to keep in mind

Log in to your AfterShip account > Go to Analytics and select Notifications to see the data

You can set a date range to fetch the required data related to your email and SMS notifications. It saves you a significant amount of time and effort.

Notification analytics also tell you how many times notifications were triggered and the number of recipients.

By sliding down a bit, you see Email funnel and SMS funnel . The email funnel shows the number of triggered, delivered, opened, and clicked emails. Whereas the SMS funnel shows how many text messages were triggered and delivered.

If you have added the product recommendation section to your email template, there's a possibility that recipients buy suggested products. Notification analytics show exactly how many orders were placed through your email notifications and the generated revenue.

Last but the best part is that AfterShip's Notification Analytics email performance over time and SMS performance over time in a graphical way. You can even check email engagement by shipping status.

Once you're done checking your notifications' performance, you can generate a report for your team by simply clicking Export PDF 😄.
Should you need help regarding Notification analytics, contact our support team

Updated on: 14/10/2022

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