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Getting Started With AfterShip Analytics

AfterShip's analytics enable you to get insights into your shipping performance with an interactive dashboard. With this feature, you can obtain related to:

1. Shipments
2. Transit times
3. On-time shipments
4. Notifications 
5. Tracking pages
6. Shipment reviews

🚛 Shipment

With Shipment analytics, you can view and generate reports for tracked shipments tracked, top carriers, top destinations, and exception shipments. You can also audit the below-given aspects.

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⏳ Transit time

Keeping transit time is the best way to offer a phenomenal post-purchase experience to customers and retain them in the long run. With AfterShip’s transit time analytics, you can easily evaluate your shipping performance.

You just enter correct details in the Carrier, Origin country, and Destination country fields to accumulate all the relevant data swiftly ✌️

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⏱ On-time shipments

With On-time shipments analytics, you can check how many of your shipments are on time, late, trending on-time, trending late, and overdue.

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⚠️ Exceptions

It is crucial for the merchants to monitor the performance of shipments with an exception event in the tracking history. There are multiple reasons a package might experience a delivery exception including incorrect address, bad weather, lost in transit, damaged product and more. With AfterShip's exception analytics you can get a detailed overview of how your shipments perform over time.

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🔔 Notifications

Keeping customers updated about their shipments is the best way to establish a bond of trust with them. With AfterShip's notification analytics, you get insights into the total number of sent messages (both email and SMS) and other crucial data.

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📄 Tracking pages

Tracking page analytics allows you to study customer behavior effortlessly. We’ve overhauled it recently to offer a mesmerizing experience to all our users. In the new version, you get insights into marketing assets performance, page views, marketing clicks, product recommendations performance, etc. Reports can also be sliced and diced to get an in-depth analysis of the tracking page performance.    

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⭐ Shipment reviews

To measure your shipping performance, it is crucial to keep a close eye on customers' reviews. By doing this, you can easily get a fair idea of how much you are able to meet shipping expectations. It will help you in taking the best course of action to prevent customer churn rate and ensure business longevity. With AfterShip Analytics, merchants can monitor shipment reviews effortlessly.

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Updated on: 08/02/2023

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