Keeping a tab over average transit time is imperative for businesses, which want to deliver the best post-purchase experience.

AfterShip shows a comprehensive transit time report and offers crucial filters so that its users can take necessary actions to improve their shipping performance.

➡️ Let’s learn about AfterShip’s transit time report

You will be able to access the transit time report if you are on the Enterprise plan. So, upgrade your plan if required :)
Go to the ‘Analytics’ section of your AfterShip account > Click on ‘Transit time’

Now, you will see filters and well-segregated transit time data like this:

We start calculating data once the shipment is picked up.

👉 Let’s begin with filters

Note that you can check transit time data based on 'State' if you only operate in the USA. For other countries, it is not possible to check transit time data state-wise for the time being.
Date range: Define the period for which you want to see the transit time data

Couriers: Select the couriers for which you would like to check the transit time

Origin country: Choose the countries from where products are dispatched

Destination country Select the countries to which shipments are going to be delivered

👉 Let’s check the transit time data

P85 transit time (d): It shows the time that 85% of shipments have taken to be delivered

Avg. transit time (d): It shows the average time that shipments take to reach their destination

Transit time distribution: It shows the transit time based on the number of days. For example, if the transit time of your maximum shipments is between 0 and 3, the chart will indicate data as shown above

Transit time by carriers: It tells you how much transit time varies when you have different carriers for shipment delivery. You can sort the results as well. Note that the horizontal bar graph shows results only for the top 5 couriers

To access in-depth data about more couriers, simply scroll down. You will see the list of carriers, delivered shipments, transit time, and transit time distribution like this:

To see the transit time data for all your carriers, click on ‘View more’. You can download the full report by tapping on the ‘Export CSV’ button

Transit time by lanes: It tells you about the time that a shipment takes to reach its destination from the origin point. It can help you greatly if you ship globally. For example, it would be easier for you to check the transit time of a shipment moving from one country to another

The horizontal bar graph shows you results only for 5 lanes. And you can sort the results as well

To see data about all the lanes, just scroll down to the bottom.

To download transit time data based on lanes, click on ‘View more’ and then hit the ‘Export CSV’ button

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