Create a personalized branded tracking page to enhance customers' post-purchase experience. AfterShip branded tracking page acts as an important marketing asset. Customize it with your brand logo and store URL to promote your business and draw the attention of prospects. 

🔧 A brief introduction to the Sake theme

Tailor a dynamic branded tracking page with the Sake theme. Upload promotional banner, logo, and favicon to make the tracking page more engaging. Also, connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles to build your brand and generate traffic. 

💡 Features offered by the Sake theme

📌 White-label domain: Modify the built-in domain to enhance brand visibility and increase customer engagement

📌 Marketing assets: Display up to 5 assets on the branded tracking page

📌 Product recommendation: Connect to Nosto or AfterShip and show product suggestions on the tracking page

📌 Look-up option: Enable package tracking with the tracking number and/or order number along with email address

📌 Customer reviews: Build social proof by showing customer reviews regarding your shipping performance

Note: You can add at most 5 tracking pages and customize them using the Sake theme.

🔧 Add brand information

Go to the AfterShip tracking page section and choose the page you want to edit
Click on 'Actions' and then choose 'Edit' from the dropdown menu
You will reach the settings of your selected tracking page, so start filling up details in the vacant fields. Such as:

Upload the brand logo and favicon
Connect social media(Facebook and Twitter) profiles
Add email or URL for support contact and provide links regarding 'Returns,' 'Terms page,' and 'Privacy page'
Provide relevant details in the 'Policy URL' section
Decide whether you want to show redirect parcel URL or not
Enter status descriptions for both pending and non-existent parcels
Provide the tracking ID of Google Analytics to measure the number of sessions and visitors

Save your settings to finish the process.

🔧 Customize the look and feel

Go to the AfterShip tracking page section and choose the page you want to edit
Click on 'Actions' and then choose 'Edit' from the dropdown menu
Look for the 'Customize' option and start entering details like:

Change font and color to add your brand feel to the tracking page
Select lookup options as you like
Write header and footer messages if you want to
Set product recommendation settings as per your preference
Upload images under 'Marketing assets'

Note: You can show Instagram feed by simply connecting your Instagram account from Asset #2

     Save your settings to finish the process.
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