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Enable IAM Authentication for Webhooks


AWS API service allows developers to create, maintain, publish, and monitor APIs. AfterShip supports AWS API gateway with IAM (Identity and access management) authentication as a webhook receiver. IAM authentication is a secure way of receiving webhook requests. It ensures that other members and entities have an appropriate level of access to critical resources.

Enable IAM authentication

Get IAM User Access Key and Secret key
Encode special characters in the URL as shown below

Assemble encoded values as per below-mentioned format API Gateway URL)&access_key=(Access key ID)&secret_key=(Secret access key)

Copy the URL so created

Paste URL > Save changes

Additional notes

AfterShip doesn't send the webhooks under the whitelist IPs for the AWS IAM Authentication webhook receiver gateway.
We need to verify the AWS gateway endpoint format because of the security and cost reason. We don't support custom domains as of now.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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