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How to Get Webhook Updates for Revised EDDs


Estimated delivery dates are important to reduce WISMO queries, and AfterShip Tracking tries to send EDD updates as accurately as possible. This help guide will explain how you can get webhook updates for revised EDDs and other important info. Let’s start:

Steps to enable updates for revised EDD

Log in to your AfterShip Tracking account
Click Notifications > Webhooks
Scroll down and click the All EDD updates checkbox under Estimated delivery date (EDD)

Event name will be edd_revise, and we have added this field: latest_estimated_delivery. The same field you’ll see in the GET API as well.

You’ll see data like this:

Important info to keep in mind

AfterShip prioritizes EDD in this order: carrier EDD (estimated delivery date provided by the carrier) > AI Predictive EDD (estimated delivery date detected by AfterShip's AI) > API EDD (estimated delivery date you provide us through API) > Custom EDD (estimated delivery date calculated based on your chosen settings).

We will trigger a webhook update whenever we have a higher priority EDD. Let’s say we’ve informed you about an AI Predictive EDD and then we received the EDD from the carrier, we’ll send a revised EDD webhook update based on the new carrier EDD.

We will not send out a webhook update if an EDD returns a null value.

When a shipment is imported with EDD, we’ll still send a webhook update for that EDD.

Want answers to some questions? Our chat support team can help you with that.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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