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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Excel During Festive Seasons

A festive season brings smiles to the faces of buyers and shoppers. The former gets an opportunity to record the highest sales ever, while the latter gets elated after having a splendid post-purchase experience.

AfterShip empowers its users with outstanding features so that they can stay on top of their game during festive seasons and make sure nothing upsets shoppers.

Check frequently asked questions given below to gain crucial insights into how to up your game during festive seasons.

How can we inform shoppers about delays proactively during festive seasons?

Whenever an order gets delayed, a brand has to go through various difficult situations like cancellation, negative reviews, customer turnover, etc. AfterShip lets its users create an email workflow so that buyers can be notified automatically whenever the package gets stuck at any particular checkpoint. So, start creating your email workflow now!

To get more details on custom email workflow, please click here.
Let’s say you have created an email workflow as shown below, an email notification will be triggered automatically if the shipment status doesn’t change from ‘In transit’ within 6 days.

Can I edit my email template after setting up a custom workflow for different delivery statuses?

Customers love detailed yet personalized communication so that they don’t have to ask order-related questions again and again. AfterShip lets its users customize the email template, even after they set a custom workflow.

Go to the 'Notifications' section > Look for the delivery status for which you want to edit email template > Tap on ‘Edit’ and choose the second option to customize the email template as you want.

For in-depth details, click here.
Here’s an example of customized email:

What else can I do to prevent WISMO queries apart from sending notifications proactively?

Excitement often makes it difficult for shoppers to wait for the delivery of their orders, and that’s why WISMO (Where is my order?) queries multiply rapidly during festive seasons. But you can stop them from rising by simply adding important information to the AfterShip branded tracking page.

For example, we have modified the header of the branded tracking page for the pending status:

To know more about AfterShip branded tracking page, click here.
Key tip: We recommend adding AfterShip branded tracking page URL in Shopify’s notifications. Here’s how you can do it:

Is there any way to assure shoppers regarding when their orders will be delivered?

If you are a Shopify store owner, you should use our promised delivery date feature to prevent WISMO queries and enhance customers’ post-purchase experience.

To learn in-depth about the promised delivery date feature, click here.

Is there any other way to notify shoppers, besides email notifications?

Email notifications are appreciated when you convey in-depth details about the order, but they appear to be annoying when they get triggered for small updates. AfterShip also supports SMS notifications so that its users can cover all the bases during festive seasons.

To learn more about AfterShip’s SMS notifications, click here.

In case you have any other question than aforementioned ones, connect with our chat support team for the solution

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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